Jungle Survival Tips

At Kidtastic Adventures, kids can climb like monkeys, slither like snakes, and run like cheetahs but please remember – safety first!!

Following these few basic rules and regulations will ensure that you and your crew have a safe and fun-filled adventure. Please read the rules in regulations listed below:

pawAlthough the sun is always shining at Kidtastic Adventures, we are not at the beach. Bare feet are definitely not allowed.
pawShoes must be removed at the front foyer.
pawSocks or snug slippers must be worn by both children and parents at all times
pawHand sanitizer is provided at the front door – please help us keep germs at bay by having all “paws” sanitized prior to entering the structure.
pawPlease have children refrain from chewing gum or eating any type of candy while in the structure as these are serious choking hazards.
pawThere are designated areas for playing, eating and drinking. Please – no food or drinks in the playground structures or carpeted areas.
pawParents and caregivers – Kidtastic is an unsupervised play area. You are solely responsible for your children while in the centre so please keep an eye on your little “cubs” at all times.
pawWe are not responsible for injuries that occur due to unsafe play or inappropriate use of the equipment.
pawAlthough we want your children to run, crawl, climb and slide like little monkeys in a tree, any child being disruptive, disturbing or acting inappropriately will be asked to leave the premises.
pawOutside food is accepted however – NO PEANUT OR PEANUT PRODUCTS, please.
pawWe take pride in maintaining a clean and sanitary environment. An eating area is provided for lunch time or snack time – please be litter friendly and clean up after you are done. The next family will certainly appreciate the thoughtfulness.
pawAccidents happen – please advise staff immediately of any spills or areas requiring clean-up.
pawAnd last but not least – to avoid sharing of illness, please refrain from attending the centre if you or your child is sick. Kidtastic Adventures is not going anywhere – we will be here when you are well and look forward to seeing you when you feel better.
pawAnd the most important rule for all to follow – now if you don’t think you can follow this rule, it may be best to stay away – make sure you HAVE FUN!!!! LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN!!!

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